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CMC Competency Framework

When applying for CMC certification, you are assessed against a competence framework which has been developed and endorsed by the ICMCI and is internationally recognized across all compliant member organizations.

Awarding of certification against this framework ensures that your award of CMC complies with the stringent standards of the ICMCI and is portable and recognizable internationally the framework against which your experience, knowledge and skills will be assessed comprises the following elements:

  • ICMCI CMC Core Competencies
  • CICMC Code of Professional Conduct (refer Appendix II)
  • ICMCI Consultants’ Common Body of Knowledge (refer Appendix III)

You should be familiar with the information contained in all three of these documents and check that your application in total reflects your experience, knowledge and skills in relation to these areas.

To ensure that the assessment process is balanced and fair, a number of different techniques are used throughout the process to assess a candidate’s competence against the framework those techniques include:

  • Written material included in your application (e.g. management consulting history, CV, project references, evidence of qualifications, etc.)
  • Written examinations
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Candidate presentation and project documentation
  • Client reference checks
  • Assessment by a panel of 3 CMC’s, members of the Board of the ICMCI